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Welcome to Forest Lake National Seniors Branch website.  Our branch meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month except  December and January.  We meet at The Lion, 133 Pine Road, Richlands, 9.30am sign in for a 10am start.

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Phenix Dinner & Lion Dance




What a fun evening and what a great crowd who came along.  The restaurant did an excellent job catering for around 200 people who wanted to enjoy the experience of watching the Lion Dance. 

The Chinese Lion Dance is customarily performed during the Lunar New Year to herald in the new year and bring prosperity, good luck and peace.  The lion dance is not only looked upon as the skillful display of strength and artistry but as the discipline of mind and body.  Externally, it is a full body workout, enhances health and requires skill and agility.  It is also the cultivation of inner strength and self discipline to receive life’s challenges with grace and elegance. The transmission of the lion dance is the conveyance of tradition, lineage, skill and relationship. It requires respect, loyalty and reverence to the Sifu, Troupe Leader, fellow students and lion head.

The Lion Dance is enacted by two dancers.  One handles the head, made out of strong, but light materials like paper-mache and bamboo.  The other plays the body and the tail under a cloth that is attached to the head.  A “Buddha” teases and leads the lion with a fan.  The Buddha figure is significant because it represents a temple monk, who watches over and leads the lion.

The lion is also accompanied by musicians, playing a large drum, cymbals, and a gong.  The music follows the moves of the lion and symbolizes the roar of the lion.  The drum follows the lion, the cymbals and the gong follow the drum player.

Christmas lunch


What a wonderful way to finish up yet another busy, fun filled year.  The venue for our Christmas Party was the Oxley Golf Club.  There were some pretty amazing raffle prizes to be won.  We had a super special visit from Santa and his 2 Lady Elves.  Everyone received a little gift from Santa and he happily stayed on for a while so people could get that special photo with him.  The entertainers, The Baby Boomers, were fantastic.  We enjoyed their music and a few took to the dance floor showing off their moves.  Finally it was time to select our meal from a very generous and delicious buffet.  The salads were so fresh.  The roast meats tender and tasty, the vegetables cooked to perfection and all enjoyed a lovely dessert and tea and coffee afterwards.  Christmas wishes were exchanged with everyone looking forward to returning in February 2019.





Trip to Maleny & Montville November 15

41 ladies and gentlemen boarded our Crisp Coach for our day trip.  First stop was Maleny Dairies and a welcome morning tea complete with homemade cake and biscuits.  Our group split into 2 and headed off on a very interesting tour of the dairy which included being able to see through the glass windows into the factory, watching various types of machinery in operation, a short film of the history of the dairy. A visit to the milking shed and learning how the process works.  A lovely visit with the baby calves and the experience of seeing the adult cow being hand milked.  Some people given the chance to sample the warm sweet milk.  We were all given a taste of the various types of milk products and everyone agreed they were delicious.  Next stop was the shopping street in Montville.  Some took the time to have a light lunch then a browse and shop while others simply took in the beautiful views towards the ocean.  What a big day out with many ladies very happy with their shopping, some buying Christmas gifts and others treats for themselves.

Branch Meetings

The Lion,
133 Pine Road, Richlands.
2nd Thursday of each month except December and January at 9.30am sign in for 10am start.

Contact Julie on 07 32787274 or Peter on 07 33729432.

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